Marcuras Has Developed Top-Notch Expertize In Designing, Manufacturing And Supplying A Comprehensive Range Of Membrane Technology Products.
These Are :

  • Reverse Osmosis Plants(RO)
  • Nano Filtration Plants(NF)
  • Ultra Filtration Plants(UF)

Membrane Technology Is Gaining High Importance In The Water Treatment Industry Because It Is Easy To Understand And Guarantee Efficient And Environment-Friendly Purification With A Minimal Use Of Chemicals. Marcuras Is Involved In Manufacturing And Supplying Of A Comprehensive Range Of Reverse Osmosis Plants, Ultra Filtration Plants, Nano Filtration Plants, Water Treatment System, RO Systems, Containerized Water Treatment Plants, Water Purification Systems Etc.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

We At Marcuras Carefully Design The Plants Taking Into Consideration Various Aspects Such As Source Of Water, SDI, Fouling Potential, Temperature, Desired Flux Rates For Specific Applications, Scaling Potentials, Hydraulic Balancing, Type Of Membranes, Beta Factor, LSI, Pretreatment, Automation Etc. So That The Plants Run Smoothly For Long Durations.

Reverse Osmosis Plants Are Quite Exclusively Constructed By Installing Spiral Wound Membranes. They Work With Medium-High Pressure Depending On The Type Of Application (6 – 70 Bar) And They Are Applied To Separate The Dissolved Salts From Aqueous Solutions By Means Of Semi-Permeable Membranes. In This Case The Dimension Of Membrane Pores Are Very Small So That The Resistance To The Passage Of Water Is Higher.

Our Strength Is Designing An Optimum System Which Can Operate Smoothly For Longer Durations. We Provide Reverse Osmosis Solutions For

  • Brackish Water
  • Sea Water Desalination
  • Effluent Recycle
Nano Filtration Plant

Nano Filtration Plant Are Generally Constructed By Installing Spiral Wound Membranes. They Have A Medium-High Working Pressure (4-30 Bar) And They Are Normally Used To Reduce Water Hardness, To Recover Salts From Dying Baths, To Remove Colour And To Recover Acids And Caustic Soda. As Against RO, The NF Membranes Remove Only Multi-Valent Ions And Hence Can Be Used For Softening. The Operating Costs Of NF Are Much Lower Than RO Due To Low Operating Pressure Of NF Membranes.


Ultra Filtration Plant

UF Plants Are Gaining Huge Popularity As Pre-Treatment To RO Since It Saves RO Membranes From Variety Of Foulants. Surface Water And Treated Waste Water Is Pre-Treated In UF Prior To Feeding It To RO As It Allows RO To Do Its Job Of Removing Dissolved Salts Effectively. Absence Of UF In Such Cases Results In Frequent Failures, CIP Requirements And Consequential Losses For The End User.

Ultra-Filtration Plants Can Be Constructed By Employing Hollow Fiber Membranes Or Spiral Wound Membranes. They Work With A Pressure Of About 1-5 Bar And They Are Suitable To Separate Higher Molecular Weight Particles Present In Water. The Ultrafiltration Plants Have Established A Position In The Drinking Water Sector Due To The Fact That They Filter Water To Such An Extent That It Is Virtually Free Of Solids. Bacteria, Parasites And Viruses Are Not Killed Off, But Entirely Removed From The Drinking Water.

The Technology And Process Involved Are Relatively Simple, Membranes Representing Very Fine Filters, Which Act Like Sieves Through Which Water Is Either Pressed Or Sucked. Any Content, Which Is Larger Than The Microscopic Pores, Is Separated Out And Depending On The Fineness Of The Filter, A Differentiation Is Made Between Micro-, Ultra- And Nanofiltration. Reverse Osmosis Is An Additional Variation, In Which Only Water Molecules Pass Through The Membrane. Marcuras Has Been Using This Membrane Process In Combination With Conventional Cleaning Processes For Many Years And Due To This Experience And In-House Innovations, Has Built Up A Pool Of Comprehensive Expertise. We Offer A Diversity Of Membrane Processes And Select The Best And Lowest-Cost Variation For Each Application.

Other Advantages Of Our Membrane Filtration Are:

  •  Modular Design
  •  Membranes As Absolute Barriers
  •  Low Space Requirement
  •  Easy To Operate.