The Feed Water, Depending On Its Source, May Contain Various Concentrations And Sizes Of Suspended Solids And Dissolved Matter. The Objective Of The Feed Water Pretreatment Process Is To Improve The Quality Of The Feed Water To The Level Which Would Result In Reliable Operation Of Downstream Equipment. Depending On The Treatment Requirements, Pre-Treatment Systems Are Designed To Get Rid Of Troublesome Impurities First. Fine Suspended Solids, Colloids Or Silt Can Be Removed By Coagulation Method Where As Some Sparingly Soluble Salts Such As Fluoride, Silica, Iron Etc Can Be Removed By Chemical Precipitation Method In Pretreatment Plants. Marcuras Provides Following Processes To Make Feed Water Suitable For The Downstream Processes:

  • Flocculators
  • Tube Settlers /Lamella Clarifiers
  • HRSCC / Clarifiers / Clari-Flocculators
  • Dosing Systems
  • Flash Mixers
  • Static Mixers


Circular Mechanical Clarifier

These Clarifiers Settle The Suspended Matter From Pre-Flocculated Water Or Effluent. The Clarifiers Are Constructed In Metal As Well As RCC Depending On The Size And Are Equipped With Scrapers, Scraper Drives, Stationary Or Moving Bridge, Collecting Launders, Wear Plates, V-Notch Boxes Etc.

A Variant In This Equipment Called Clari-Flocculator Combines Flocculation Zone Along With The Conventional Clarifier Mechanism. This Eliminates The Need Of Having A Separate Equipment For Flocculation. The Settling Is Aided By Virtue Of Gravity With Carefully Designed Hydraulic Flows And The Sludge Blanket Formed With TSS Also Traps Finer Particles To Provide Clear Water At The Outlet.